Mind-Filled Education

Mind-filled education Starts here....

Mind-filled education Starts here....

What is a Mind-filled Living?

Mind-filled Living is the next step in a Mindful Lifestyle. It goes beyond being in the present movement, being thankful for each breath of life or being non-judgmental. 

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DepTeach provides the tools for a Mind-filled Lifestyle, enabling you to positively renew your mind with what is noble, right, true, excellent, admirable, and praiseworthy. 






"Mind-filled Living requires not just clarity and focus but also a re-establishment. This can be accomplished by being Mind-filled with instruction, and being non-judgmental of others, and their beliefs".   ~Dr. Estella Chavous

DepTeach learning approach is aligned with research supporting the benefits of a Mindful lifestyle.  Awareness, Being present, and Filling the mind with what is good are the steps necessary for a sustainable Mind-filled Lifestyle. Take the mindful journey with us by listening to our webinars, podcasts, meditation sessions, or enrolling in one of our life-changing courses and workshops.

Flexibility in our learning curriculum offers you online - self-paced - on ground programs.